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Leonardo Araújo, B.A.

Data Security Analyst

Leonardo Araújo is a data security analyst with Social Dynamics, LLC. Mr. Araújo works in the technology field and ensures the information stored on computers or networks is not disclosed to unwanted parties or modified inadvertently, and also create and maintain security systems such as the website, email system, storage and databases of the company. Before Social Dynamics he has worked as an Oracle database administrator for Dell computers and business analyst for Fast mail. Mr. Araújo received his B.A in Data Security from FAQI college in Brazil.

Amy Rowland, M.F.A.

Senior Editor

Amy K. Rowland provides overall technical editing support on all deliverables and outgoing correspondences. She is responsible for formatting, editorial consultation, and the management of deliverable quality assurance. She is also responsible for Web site and social media management. Additionally, she has worked as an author on several reports for the Department of Labor and has also served as a Project Manager for a workplace flexibility synthesis report for the Women’s Bureau. She also worked on the January 2011 ODEP-Women’s Bureau Forum, called Advancing Workplace Flexibility Policy and Practices, by contacting participants and taking notes for one of the discussion groups. She helped in establishing the Employment First state profiles on the Lead Center web site. For the payroll data collection project she worked in particular on the technology and computer sections, based on her previous work in electronics, and contributed to the final report. Melissa was a Renaissance Scholar where she completed her Associates degree. She interned at the Library of Congress in the Poetry and Literature Office where she did research on authors, wrote press releases and letters, and helped with special functionsPrior to her work at Social Dynamics, Ms. Rowland spent five years working for a global medical publishing company. Ms. Rowland received her B.A. in English with a concentration in writing from Towson University and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing & the Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore.

Melissa Williamson, B.A.

Research Associate

Melissa Williamson has been a Research Associate at Social Dynamics, LLC for six years. She has done research on flexible workplace policies, Latina employment, including historical immigration laws and policies, Individualized Learning Plans, State education reporting and testing, payroll data collection methods and technology, the Business Case for hiring persons with disabilities, the Disabilities Employment Initiative evaluation including researching and writing state economic profiles and disabled women veterans.