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Information Technology, Communications & Logistics

Marketing and Communications

Social Dynamics approaches marketing and communications from a unique vantage point, with experience “at one end of the pipeline” by directly assisting states and provider agencies to change attitudes and improve employment services through marketing and communications product development and T/TA, while at the same time improving marketing and communications at “the other end of the pipeline” by working with Federal partners to improve their national marketing and communications strategies. We firmly believe that standard marketing and communications strategies are not enough to change the employment rate of individuals with challenging employment situations. This goal can only be accomplished by emphasizing attitudinal and behavioral change through social marketing, which is an approach that we have promoted over static marketing strategies since 2009. Social Dynamics has expertise and experience in social marketing with both demand-side and supply-side stakeholders, including homeless individuals, job-seekers with limited skills and experience, individuals with disabilities and their employers and providers.

Logistics and Event Planning

Social Dynamics’ event support philosophy is based on the understanding that every logistical component of an event contributes to our success or failure. Our team is known for detailed pre-event and post-event (follow-up) services. Our professional staff meets with clients on an as needed basis prior to the event to discuss client requirements. Social Dynamics’ logistics team arrives and prepares early to familiarize ourselves with all aspects of the project and location to ensure that our logistics professionals are on-call throughout the event period. Social Dynamics focuses on cost and value, accessibility, access to transportation, audiovisual and technology requirements, and the quality of the venue itself. Social Dynamics partners with Travel Partners to assist in booking travel arrangements. Travel Partners, a small woman-owned business founded in 1994 , ensures that all conference-related travel is completed in the most cost-efficient manner. Should a meeting be cancelled for any reason, all travel booked through Travel Partners is refundable or transferable.