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Welcome to Social Dynamics, LLC

Founded in 2003, Social Dynamics, LLC is a small business located in Gaithersburg, Maryland that specializes in research, evaluation, technical assistance, policy, program capacity building and the development and implementation of programs for individuals with disabilities and challenging employment situations.

These programs are needed not only to build the capacity of state and local agencies to improve workforce development outcomes, but also to strengthen the systems that employers and their employees with illnesses and disabilities must engage. Our subject matter experts work in partnership with state and non-profit agencies to apply both content and systems knowledge in solving the challenges related to employment among people with work-related injuries or illnesses.

Social Dynamics also deploys nationally recognized T/TA teams with expertise in the areas of disability policy, public health, program development, supported education, evidence-based employment practices and workforce development. Our projects have served youth with disabilities, veterans, people with mental health challenges and/or substance abuse disabilities, and job-seekers with significant economic disadvantages.

Social Dynamics staff are adept at quickly developing an understanding of each client’s goals and objectives, long-term plans, and contract requirements, and providing the necessary services to move agencies to the next level of policy and practice excellence.

Over the past 21 years, the company has conducted studies and managed national  capacity building initiatives with diverse populations and has developed a reputation among its government and commercial clients for dedication, enthusiasm, and innovation in research and analytical services.

Our primary and subsidiary Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are located across the country as well as in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, making us ideally qualified to deploy staff in support of national as well as regional projects for federal, state, and county agencies, commercial businesses, and private nonprofit organizations.

Social Dynamics received the When Work Works award in recognition of exemplary workplace practices. This prestigious award is administered by the Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Our Services

Social Dynamics provides research, evaluation, performance measurement services and training and technical assistance, including the development of technical research and evaluation reports, issue papers, experimental and quasi-experimental research studies, tool-kits and curricula designed to disseminate complex information to broad audiences.

Our Partners

As a small business, Social Dynamics has developed excellent working relationships with several notable organizations that provide research and analysis, information system design, communications and logistics services. We have created numerous successful partnerships with several highly regarded organizations, including Altarum Institute, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., Rand Corporation, Research Triangle Institute and Westat. Social Dynamics’ partnerships are due in large part to the company’s reputation as an innovative firm with a cadre of highly professional and dedicated staff members who understand the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Social Dynamics is always interested in developing new partnerships with companies on the forefront of social, economic and quasi-experimental research. Queries should be sent to Dr. Douglas Klayman, President and Barry Goldman, Chief Operating Officer at 240-426-5823. DKlayman@socialdynamicsllc.com, BGoldman@socialdynamicsllc.com

Our Contract Vehicles

Social Dynamics is please to offer the following procurement vehicles:

GSA/MOBIS SIN numbers 1,3,4

Program Support Center (PSC) (HHSP23320138I)

GSA MOBIS Schedule

Corporate Capabilities