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Social Science

Social Policy

Toolkits and White Papers

  • “Advancing Workplace Flexibility Policy and Practices”:  Synthesis Report
  • Research and Analysis of Workplace Flexibility: National Dialogue Synthesis Report (Women’s Bureau) 2011. Social Dynamics, LLC.
  • Disability and Labor Force Participation Issue Brief  2010. Social Dynamics, LLC
  • Aging, Disability, and Earnings Issue Brief  2010. Social Dynamics, LLC.
  • Funding Options for Personal Assistance Services: Issue Paper. 2009. Social Dynamics, LLC.
  • Analysis of Access to Health Care for People with Disabilities: Final Report. 2009. Social Dynamics, LLC.
  • Health and Wellness Research Study: Corporate and Worksite Wellness Programs: A Research Review Focused on Individuals with Disabilities: Wellness Program Literature Review. 2009. Social Dynamics, LLC.
  • Financial Literacy for Youth with Disabilities: Literature Review. 2008. Social Dynamics, LLC.
  • Financial Literacy for Youth with Disabilities: Issue Paper. 2008. Social Dynamics, LLC


Cartoon for young adults. It focuses on Shelly, a person that likes to help others.